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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gospel Gossip at the Kitty Cat Klub and a little Vita.mn Sizzle

Dinkytown is perhaps best known as a once-eclectic neighborhood now overrun with college students and rampant commercialization. Area bar specials include White Trash Wednesdays and weekly beer pong tournaments; chain restaurants stand large and flashy against their independently owned counterparts. Still, some bastions of culture remain and chief among them is the Kitty Cat Klub.

Just under Annie's Parlour on 14th Ave SE, the Klub features an veritable profusion of ornate couches and arm chairs tucked into darkened nooks and crannies. The music is usually solid and many nights are free, the rest reasonably priced for a thrifty budget (the most I've paid is $5). This Thursday night the Kitty Cat Klub hosts one of my long-time local likes, Gospel Gossip.

The Northfield-based trio features singer Sarah Nienaber's soulful vocals sliding throatily over the jangle of the guitar and drums. With lyrics such as "Home is where I found you/ and home is where we've been/ But my home isn't your home anymore" I wouldn't call the music uplifting yet I can't help but tap my toes to the strong rhythmic thrust of the music. For a free night out, this band and this venue are definitely worth checking out. (Drinks and parking expenses are up to you - Dinkytown's meters are free after 10 pm.)

Feeling more literary than lyrical? I can't vouch for the quality of the literature but tomorrow (Wednesday) Vita.mn is hosting its annual Best of Summer Short Stories event at the Brave New Workshop. This year's participants were challenged to write sex-themed short story and the finalists will read their work aloud starting at 7 pm. With free appetizers from Gai Gai Thai and post-readings burlesque, this event should be spicy enough to push you over hump day and into the homestretch.

Note: Gai Gai Thai's facebook lists vegan and vegetarian options, so keep your fingers crossed that the event will too. Parties are more fun when everyone gets a spring roll.

No Kitty Cat Klub is complete without a kitty cat

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  1. Oh Rachel, the Kitty Kat is one of my absolute favorite places and I haven't been there in forever. I wish I could go out and do all this stuff! But, is hard with a 5 mo. old...

    (btw this is Kelly from CAA)