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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Red Stag Game Plan

I'm particularly fond of the Red Stag Block Party. After moving to Minneapolis a few years ago it was the first block party I attended. A thunderstorm crashed the party and gusts of wind toppled the canopy and effectively ended the show. As E.L.No's towering black wigs flew from their heads, my friends and I tore through the rain and sirens in search of shelter.

While it has indeed rained at every festival I've attended this summer, tomorrow's event is supposed to be hot with only a 20% chance of thunderstorms. Rain or no rain, here's what I'm most looking forward to: 

Zoo Animal plays early on in the day and I will undoubtedly be attending their set. I first heard the band at the now-defunct 501 Club and I loved their sound. Singer Holly Newsom's voice and lyrics are simultaneously strong and intimate, complemented by rather restrained guitar and drums. The instrumentals are well-crafted but they definitely allow Newsom's haunting, often hopeful lyrics to shine.

Peter Wolf Crier and The 4ontheFloor play later in the evening and I'll be sure to be there. I haven't seen Peter Wolf Crier, a two-man group, since the 2010 SXSW send off party at First Avenue. Peter Pisano's falsetto intrigued me then and tomorrow I aim to see what they've done in the last year.

If you go to hear anything tomorrow, however, I vote for The 4ontheFloor. Each of the band members has a kick drum, effectively used in time to give the music a rollicking good beat. Their sound is raw and raucous with lyrics meant for singing (or shouting) along. A relative newcomer compared to the rest of the lineup, please don't let this band be a stranger to you after this weekend. Already a fan? Perfect. You'll be especially good at belting out the lyrics to "Junkie" and "I'm Drunk on Tuesdays."

Looking for something to do between sets to escape the heat? Visit I Like You just a few storefronts to the south. The consignment shop offers a plethora of independent and handmade goods from over 250 local artists. I particularly enjoy the lotions and perfumes and wouldn't mind hanging some of the artwork on my walls. Though my self-imposed budget precludes me from buying anything for myself, this shop is high on my list of gift-buying destinations. Something about giving a friend a vanilla bean body balm handmade in Minneapolis just says "I like you."

(Ask before swinging)

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