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Friday, July 29, 2011

Pups on Parade and KCK recap

Convinced the world needs a better chance to properly admire your pooch? Seize your chance tonight at the Northeast Dog Parade. The parade starts at 6 pm in Chutes Square and ends with a Dogtail Hour and Flea Market. Costumes/outfits encouraged and a 5 pm picnic will precede the procession.

If Trelicious were mine I'd parade him around every night

 Did you go to the Kitty Cat Klub last night? Openers Satellite Voices and Bombay Sweets were unexpectedly solid. The former, a Minneapolis-based quintet, played a set with dark lyrics and neon sounds, at times relying on a melodica and stylophone to throw other-worldly tones into the band's tightly layered beats. (Unfamiliar with melodicas and stylophones? So was I until last night. Google them.) Bombay Sweets produced an incredible amount of sound for a two man set up and Gospel Gossip finished off the night with a new music showcase that evolved into long and sweaty music marathons.

All in all, it was a fantastic show and I love that the male to female ratio was at least 5:1 for most of the night at a venue called the Kitty Cat Klub.

Tomorrow: what (and who) to know before you go to the Red Stag Supper Club block party on Sunday. You are going, right?

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